About ESA


The European Society for Agronomy (ESA) is a scientific society created in 1990 with the aim of promoting the science of Agronomy and its use in agriculture and rural development across Europe. This is achieved with:

  • A Scientific journal devoted to Agronomy: the European Journal of Agronomy (EJA), published by Elsevier Science.
  • A Biennial congress: the next one will be organized by Agroscope in Geneva from August 27 to 31, 2018 and the previous one was held in Edinburgh (Scotland) from September 5 to 9, 2016, organized by AAB.
  • Dedicated scientific symposia in collaboration with other scientific societies
  • In 2020 the congress will be held in Seville, Spain and in 2022 in Germany


ESA is managed by a scientific board and an executive secretariat
(  info@european-agronomy.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Dr. Christoph Carlen

Dr. Christoph Carlen


Agroscope (Switzerland) president@european-agronomy.org

Prof. Christine Watson

Prof. Christine Watson

Past President

Scotland’s Rural College (UK) Christine.Watson@sruc.ac.uk

Prof. Antonio Delgado

Prof. Antonio Delgado


Universidad de Sevilla (Spain) adelgado@us.es

Executive Boards

President Past President President Elect Executive Secretariat
2016-2018 Ch. Carlen (Switzerland) C. Watson (UK) A. Delgado (Spain) J. Wery (F)
2014-2016 C. Watson (UK) P. Pepó(Hu) B. Jeangros (Switzerland) J. Wery (F)
2012-2014 P. Pepó(Hu) F. Stoddart (Fin) C. Watson (UK) J. Wery (F)
2010-2012 F. Stoddart (Fin) J. Wery (F) A. Nábrádi (Hu) J. Wery (F)
2008-2010 J. Wery (F) P. Rossi (I) F. Stoddart (Fin) M. Donatelli (I)
2006-2008 P. Rossi (I) M. Fotyma (PL) J. Wery (F) M. Donatelli (I)
2004-2006 M. Fotyma (PL) J. Roy Porter (DK) P. Rossi (I) M. Donatelli (I)
2002-2004 J. Roy Porter (DK) E. Fereres (SP) M. Fotyma (PL) M. Donatelli (I)
2000-2002 E. Fereres (SP) H. Stutzel (D) J.Roy Porter (DK) D. Picard (F)
1998-2000 H. Stutzel (D) M. Zima (SK) E. Fereres (SP) D. Picard (F)
1996-1998 M. Zima (SK) H. Spiertz (NL) H. Stutzel (D) D. Picard (F)
1994-1996  H. Spiertz (NL) L. Giardini (I) M. Zima (SK) P. Girardin (F)
1992-1994 L. Giardini (I) A. Scaif (UK) H. Spiertz (NL) P. Girardin (F)
1990-1992  A. Scaif (UK) D. Picard (F) P. Girardin (F)
1989-1990  Launching committee chaired by D. Picard, co-chaired by A. Scaife P. Girardin (F)