About ESA

European Society for Agronomy

Through its web site, ESA acts as an open forum for agronomists, researchers, teachers and students who are concerned with basic and applied science in agronomy: the relationships between crops, soils, climates and agricultural practices, and between agriculture and the environment. 


The European Society for Agronomy (ESA) is a scientific society created in 1990 with the aim of promoting the science of Agronomy and its use in agriculture and rural development across Europe. This is achieved with:

  • A Scientific journal devoted to Agronomy: the European Journal of Agronomy (EJA), published by Elsevier Science.
  • A Biennial congress: the next one will be organized by Agroscope in Geneva from August 27 to 31, 2018 and the previous one was held in Edinburgh (Scotland) from September 5 to 9, 2016, organized by AAB.
  • Dedicated scientific symposia in collaboration with other scientific societies
  • A Newsletter sent to all members, which will be enlarged and made more frequent to be widely disseminated electronically.


ESA is managed by a scientific board and an executive secretariat
(  info@european-agronomy.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Prof. Christoph Carlen

Prof. Christoph Carlen


Agroscope (Switzerland) president@european-agronomy.org

Prof. Christine Watson

Prof. Christine Watson

Past President

Scotland’s Rural College (UK) Christine.Watson@sruc.ac.uk

Prof. Antonio Delgado

Prof. Antonio Delgado


Universidad de Sevilla (Spain) adelgado@us.es

Executive Boards

President Past President President Elect Executive Secretariat
2016-2018 Ch. Carlen (Switzerland) C. Watson (UK) A. Delgado (Spain) J. Wery (F)
2014-2016 C. Watson (UK) P. Pepó(Hu) B. Jeangros (Switzerland) J. Wery (F)
2012-2014 P. Pepó(Hu) F. Stoddart (Fin) C. Watson (UK) J. Wery (F)
2010-2012 F. Stoddart (Fin) J. Wery (F) A. Nábrádi (Hu) J. Wery (F)
2008-2010 J. Wery (F) P. Rossi (I) F. Stoddart (Fin) M. Donatelli (I)
2006-2008 P. Rossi (I) M. Fotyma (PL) J. Wery (F) M. Donatelli (I)
2004-2006 M. Fotyma (PL) J. Roy Porter (DK) P. Rossi (I) M. Donatelli (I)
2002-2004 J. Roy Porter (DK) E. Fereres (SP) M. Fotyma (PL) M. Donatelli (I)
2000-2002 E. Fereres (SP) H. Stutzel (D) J.Roy Porter (DK) D. Picard (F)
1998-2000 H. Stutzel (D) M. Zima (SK) E. Fereres (SP) D. Picard (F)
1996-1998 M. Zima (SK) H. Spiertz (NL) H. Stutzel (D) D. Picard (F)
1994-1996  H. Spiertz (NL) L. Giardini (I) M. Zima (SK) P. Girardin (F)
1992-1994 L. Giardini (I) A. Scaif (UK) H. Spiertz (NL) P. Girardin (F)
1990-1992  A. Scaif (UK) D. Picard (F) P. Girardin (F)
1989-1990  Launching committee chaired by D. Picard, co-chaired by A. Scaife P. Girardin (F)